Sunday, February 28, 2010

One Way To Tackle The Problem

No, I'm not a fan of Big Brother. But it seems this is one of the few practical ways to catch or ward off violators.

There was an arsonist on the loose some time ago. When he started a dumpster fire on Protection Alley -- the same street where the above images were taken -- security cameras were used to catch him.

And You Thought My Photos Were Disgusting

Yes, there's sickening stuff at this blog. The aim is to motivate people to do something about Plattsburgh's chronic problems.

Also, this blog comes with a warning.

But let's say you woke up today, a quiet Sunday morning, and decided to read the Press-Republican in paper form while eating breakfast. You go to the Spectrum section and notice an article on knee surgery by a local reporter. Then without warning you see a somewhat fuzzy version of this image:

Or maybe you read the Press-Republican online with a laptop or notebook computer while munching at the breakfast table. Then you get the full effect of the image:

For some reason that fried bacon and scrambled eggs on your plate doesn't look appetizing anymore.

What's the purpose of showing the scar in such detail? Is the Press-Republican now a medical journal? I don't expect to see close-ups of surgical scars in a "family" newspaper.

What was the aim of including such an image? To get people to throw up on their newspapers or computers?

[ Knee scar image by Vivian Reiner. Article to be found here. ]

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Other Part Of The Story

There are some people who are trying to keep Plattsburgh clean. In the past the Dept. of Public Works has shown up after I've posted images of problem sites. The head of the DPW told me he checks out my postings from time to time.

There are also concerned citizens such as the Neighborhood Association. You can read about the NA here at my main blog, .

A Selling Point?

Protection Alley Dog Dump

Balloons And Propane

At least the propane tank was removed the last time I looked.

Yummy! Clinton Street Aged Dip