Monday, August 9, 2010

Plattsy's Poop Patrol -- 8/8/10

Durkee Street, Sunday, 6:38 PM.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ad Nauseam

I know what you're thinking: not more shots of dogshit. Keep in mind you only see a fraction of what I encounter. Also, I don't walk on many different streets but the ones I usually travel are always dotted with decorations.

The first image is from a spot where I had earlier climbed into a car, someone was giving me a lift. Usually I'm careful but didn't notice the lurking mess until after I was sitting in the vehicle. I managed to avoid stepping in that crap and soiling a friend's new car.

The second image is from the same area. Same owner and dog? Wouldn't surprise me. Why doesn't the owner keep his shit to home? That's right -- he doesn't like his own yard to be fouled.

The third one shows the dogshit on the edge of a downtown concrete step. I'm assuming that someone scraped the mess off his shoe because he didn't pay attention to Plattsburgh's canine cannoli chaos.


Come to Dogtown and smash a window. It's good for the economy. Hardware stores sell more plywood to temporarily patch the gaping hole. Window replacement shops make another sale. And insurance companies have the excuse to jack up the rates.

Two places you should never target: the police station and the doughnut shop.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sprucing Up Oak Street

Good to see that the old buildings across from the public library are getting a face lift. No more rotten wood and weathered paint.

But all the renovations mean shit if the city doesn't take care of the dog problem. This pile is right across the street from the upgraded buildings.