Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ad Nauseam

I know what you're thinking: not more shots of dogshit. Keep in mind you only see a fraction of what I encounter. Also, I don't walk on many different streets but the ones I usually travel are always dotted with decorations.

The first image is from a spot where I had earlier climbed into a car, someone was giving me a lift. Usually I'm careful but didn't notice the lurking mess until after I was sitting in the vehicle. I managed to avoid stepping in that crap and soiling a friend's new car.

The second image is from the same area. Same owner and dog? Wouldn't surprise me. Why doesn't the owner keep his shit to home? That's right -- he doesn't like his own yard to be fouled.

The third one shows the dogshit on the edge of a downtown concrete step. I'm assuming that someone scraped the mess off his shoe because he didn't pay attention to Plattsburgh's canine cannoli chaos.

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