Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Don't Tell Me I Stepped In..."

Downtown Plattsburgh, Margaret Street. A pleasant sunny afternoon. Two guys are walking towards me and I suddenly hear one complaining about something his shoe just made contact with. He stops and scrapes his now-sticky shoe hard against a crevice in the sidewalk.

So what did he step in? Obviously you never read this blog or have been a victim of Plattsburgh's canine landmines.

It's ironical that the mess was right near the MERKELS lettering in the pavement. Merkel's is long gone, a clothing store that prospered in downtown's better days (i.e., before the mall). It's motto was "The Store of Cheerful Service." Nothing cheerful about stepping in dogshit. Then again, there isn't much inducing cheer with Supernal Downtown Plattsburgh. If it's not dogshit, there are other threats to your feet like broken beer bottles or vomit splats (the result of too much cheap beer).

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