Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Can you guess the composition of this line of dollops next to City Hall?

Nuggets - Day 2

They look so much better in the bright sunshine.  Right next to City Hall and no one under the Big Dome has noticed them?

Take Pride, Plattsburgh City!

Nuggets - Day 3

Friday and they're still there.  Some unfortunate pedestrians have stepped on a few. Maybe the city hopes that the stuff will cling to shoewear and that will get rid of it.  Since most city workers are off for the weekend expect to see this row staying there for the next two days.  And it will be worse if there's enough snow to cover them up, hiding them completely from view.

1 comment:

  1. Which is worse---someone spitting on the sidewalks as they walk along, or allowing their dog to crap on the same?
    God, people, at least escort your pooch to the grassy areas.