Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chamber Of Commerce Promo Pictures

I thought the Chamber of Commerce might be interested in these images. And here's the caption to go with them:

"Enjoy a leisurely stroll through sanitary downtown Plattsburgh. (Don't forget the putty knife for your shoes.)"


  1. If I may be so bold, I have a question. If you can go to such pains to address the issue of trash and dog feces on the streets of Plattsburgh-couldn't you clean it up rather than taking photos and coming up with witty captions? You know-do something constructive rather than purely cynical? Sure, it's not your job to clean up after people-but it could be a purely kind thing to do-and maybe others would follow after your example... Just a thought.

    That said however, this site is really a riot. Always cracks me up :)

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  3. (Previous comment removed to fix typos.)


    Sorry, I'm retired. In my early years of employment I was a janitor. I've had enough picking up after slobs.

    Individuals have to be responsible for their own actions and in the case of dog-owners, the actions of their pets. If I did start cleaning up, all I would do is allow the same people to continue their inconsiderate habits. I'm not an enabler for pigs.

    Check out my recent post, "There's A Law." That shows one way the situation should be handled.

    Thanks for your comment. While you're amused I'm hoping some people -- especially the city leaders -- will be disgusted and angry and will do finally something. If not, I have people from all over the world, even China, who are getting an impression of Plattsburgh that the Chamber of Commerce would never approve.