Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome To Bowwow Boulevard

In a previous post, Nice Spring Day –- To Poop On, I documented a trail of fresh dogshit on Oak Street. Was it picked up since I originally imaged it?

Of course not. It's been compacted by unaware pedestrians stepping on it.

And someone this evening pointed out another trail of dogshit near the laundry on the corner of Oak and Clinton streets. It also has been shoe squished.

I suspect the same crapping canine with a moron on the other end of the leash has beautified Oak Street again.

How will the City of Plattsburgh respond? Two options:

1. Watch the area and write tickets for rude dog-owners caught in flagrante indelicto.

2. Rename Oak Street to Bowwow Boulevard and pretend the canine carpet bombing is city approved decorating.

Knowing how Plattsburgh handles problems, I won't be surprised to see new street signs.

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