Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nighttime Danger: Clinton Street

The city put in some new streetlamps on Clinton Street. They're an improvement in that they emit soft white light, not the garish urine yellow radiance of the older ones.

But the problem is that the new lights are energy savers -- they save energy by putting out the equivalent of a 15 watt bulb, if that. And that's with double the lights per lamppost.

With such dim lighting one has to watch his step for lurking dangers. No, I don't mean muggers. I mean the usual natural decorations that downtown Plattsburgh, NY is renown for around the world via this blog. Please note that the flattened shape of some of these unwholesome objects indicates that a few have stepped into danger.

Images taken Sunday, 11/28/10, 5 PM+, the south side of Clinton Street between Oak and Margaret (basically the entire street). Thanks to reader Datsa Lottadookie for the tip.

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